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Delivering smart metering


Get real access, control and insights throughout the whole grid, with our purpose built 
end to end metering solution.

Welcome to Fluid Software.

We are experts in designing and building robust solutions for processing smart meter data.

Fluid set out to modernise utilities software, leaving behind the inherited, cumbersome systems, time lags, outdated licencing models, poor flexibility and the lack of visibility of data.

In its place we created a centralised platform that offers a highly flexible, real time and       cost effective way of turning your data into insight and information.

We set a high standard and to meet the mark all our solutions offer:

Our solutions work the way you need them to, leaving you to get back to business.



Our Core Platform 

Our Meter Data Management solution is designed for simplicity, ease of use and speed of integration.  Fluid MDM does not require a heap of customisation, scales easily and can fit into any smart grid environment.

Why our MDM is different?

– Provided as SaaS
– Pay as you grow
– Service based 
– Harnesses the latest technology
– Everything you need right out of the box.

What MDM allows you to do

– Data visualisations
– Trend identification and analysis
– Demand forecasting
– Machine learning capabilities
– REAL insights throughout the whole grid.

Enhance your MDM with specific modules


A simple white-labelled portal allowing your customer to view their usage, download their bills and make payment easily.

Fluid Bill

An integrated billing solution, enabling you to charge your customers according to their usage. Whether it be pre or post pay.

Fluid Profiling

Analyse consumption profiles to spot new opportunities, enabling you to better cater to new and existing customer segments.

Fluid Connect

Control your meters directly on demand, changing configurations or receiving notifications, all from one central location.

Fluid Status

Notify your customers when there is maintenance scheduled or unexpected outages, pulling issues or incidents from issue trackers.

Fluid Task

Track your tasks and the time spent on them allowing you to manage your backlog more efficiently.

About Us

“There is a way to do it better – find it”  
Thomas A. Edison

After experiencing the unnecessary limitations and frustrations of using utility software first-hand, founder David Jennings knew what was needed and was compelled to do something about it.  In true start-up fashion, he created a purpose built solution from the ground up.

Fluid now includes a dynamic team of six professionals, all with a unique range of skills. We have come together to give kiwi businesses another option, a stable solution that unlocks their data, ultimately giving them the tools to lift their game in ways that couldn’t be done previously.

No matter how complicated your current environment is, we can help simplify it.

Our Blog


Keeping you in the loop up with what’s happening at Fluid Software and in the wider metering environment.

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