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Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based Solution

 May 2020

There are several benefits to using a cloud-based solution – below we discuss some of them.

Focus on Your Core Business

Rather than having to buy, maintain and support all the servers, routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, etc and then replace them on a regular three to five-year cycle, tying up valuable capital in hardware (which has now been largely commoditised), you can instead use our cloud-based offering which removes these costs and hassles of maintaining unnecessary hardware from you so you can focus on your core business.

Capex vs Opex

Switching capex costs for opex costs also brings about the benefit of directly relating your expenses with your revenue, smoothing out your spend rather than having big peaks and troughs every few years when you do expensive upgrades. This also removes the opportunity cost of an IT solution which frees up your cash to be spent on other projects to drive growth and revenue.

HA and DR as Standard

Fluid Software’s platform has high availability (HA) built-in which means you do not have to worry about single points of failure (SPOF) – everything has been designed to be redundant with automatic failover for each component. Disaster recovery (DR) has also been designed as part of the platform from the outset which can work across different geographic locations (i.e. cities or countries). Our roadmap also includes support for DR across multiple cloud infrastructure vendors.

In short, our platform has more uptime and in the worst-case scenario will continue working through disasters enabling your business to continue operating, no loss of revenue, and associates your company and brand with reliability amongst your customers.

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