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Our Meter Data Management solution is designed for simplicity, ease of use and speed of integration.  FluidMDM does not require a heap of customisation, scales easily and can fit into any smart grid environment.



By being offered as a SaaS solution in the cloud, it means you can defend your core business and leave the operation and maintenance of your MDM platform to us.


Seamless Integration

With our Service Oriented Architecture and RESTful APIs, we can seamlessly integrate with your back office systems through our MDM platform.

Simple Pricing

No more outdated licencing models.  Pay for the base platform and then if you use more by deploying more meters, you pay more – it’s that simple.


Centralised Repository

By consolidating and centralising all of your consumption data into one place, this makes it easier to provide data out to other line-of-business systems and applications, rather than having to store the data in multiple places.

Automatic Scale Out and In

Our platform is highly scalable, meaning if you suddenly need to load a backlog of data, our platform automatically scales out to cope with the additional load, and then scales back in.

high Resolution intervals supported

Any unit of measure (UoM) is supported with data points currently starting from one-minute intervals upwards. This
interval data can also be aggregated into larger time slices for export into other downstream systems for further analysis.


Incoming consumption data can sometimes have problems with incorrect timestamps or gaps due to communication issues.  These problems can be caught with our VEE rules which enables you to validate the consumption, estimate any intervals where appropriate and edit the data if required, according to your specific needs.

Meter Data Analytics

Unusually high consumption or last gasp events can be flagged automatically for further investigation, providing notifications to users about potential issues of leaks or outages. Utilities being
able to proactively contact consumers about issues increases customer engagement and retention, at the same time as protecting revenue.

In-Built support

With support options ranging from business hours only to full 24×7 support, any issues or queries you may have while using our MDM platform can be raised directly from the application to us.  This enables us to answer and resolve any problems as quickly as we can and provide you with the best support possible.

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